DDoS Attacks on FinTelegram Continue

DDoS attack on FinTelegram

FinTelegram is currently again under DDoS attacks. Since on latest reports on Gal Barak, massive DDoS waves were sent to our server. Therefore we switched back to “defense mode”. This can result in temporary access restrictions even for honest visitors to our websites. We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, FinTelegram is almost permanently under attack and we work hard to make our infrastructure more resistant to this threat.

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  1. Donna Abberley says:

    I was scammed by goldenmarkets for alot of money last year. I lost everythink my inheritance and life savings. I was very vulnerable as I had just lost my dad and two brothers. They used high pressure tactics and promised high returnes and low risk. They showed me fake platforms and seemed very professional at the start. After taking everythink I had and not being able to invest more £87.776.90 they got very aggressive and wouldn’t leave me alone. I have reported this is the police,action fraud and Interpol. I am trying to recover my funds is there any advise you can give me please.

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